Video Test Results

In conjunction with the release of Pano System 4.5, Sarrel Group tested the performance of Pano zero clients against thin clients and typical business PCs.  These user experience benchmarks found that Pano virtual desktops demonstrated better performance across several key metrics, including:

“Desktop virtualization offers many benefits, but there has always been skepticism that it can deliver an experience similar to a PC,” said Matt Sarrel, principal, Sarrel Group. “However, quantitative analysis of desktop virtualization offerings demonstrates that Pano Logic provides a desktop virtualization experience similar to a PC, but at a fraction of the cost.”

Sarrel Group assessed the performance of Pano System 4.5 and Pano G2 Zero Clients on VMware View 4.6 and Citrix XenDesktop 5, measuring server CPU utilization, and memory consumption with common office tasks, such as Microsoft Excel data entry and PowerPoint slide scrolling. Subjective video quality tests compared the playback experience of six different video formats: 1080p Blu-ray, 1080p MP4, 1080p Flash video, 720p MP4, medium-quality Flash video and low-resolution Flash video.

For more information, please download the full User Experience Performance Testing Competitive Analysis by the Sarrel Group.  Sarrel Group can be reached at

Hands-on end-user comparison testing done by Pano Logic has also shown that the user experience delivered by Pano Zero Clients was far more favorably received by end users than other VDI endpoints like thin clients - and was even close to that of PCs in some cases.  Please see our blog post for more detail on the testing.