Pano's Zero Client architecture provides you with openness and choices, letting you decide on what hypervisor platform, deployment model, and zero client endpoints best fit your needs, making the most of your virtual desktop investment.

Choice of Platforms

The Pano System is the industry's only hypervisor-independent zero client solution, supporting all major VDI platforms from VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.  Support for all three platforms is included free of charge with every Pano System.

For more information on platform options, please see the Platforms pages.

Choice of Deployment Models

Pano's Desktop Virtual Machines (DVMs) can be organized into different types of user-based and device-based DVM Collections, allowing easy control over automatic provisioning, management policies, and even authentication approaches for groups of similar virtual desktops.

Pano Controller's DVM Collections make it easy to for you to provision and manage a wide range of user and workstation deployment models - ranging from permanently assigned DVMs assigned to knowledge workers like personal PCs, to pools of identical DVMs shared among task workers in a call center or students in a training room, to dedicated DVMs linked to a conference room or public-access kiosk.

For more information, download the Provisioning/Collection Options Solution Brief and the Deployment Benefit Brief.

Choice of Endpoints

Along with publishing the industry's first Zero Client Open Reference Architecture, Pano Logic is building a growing team of Pano-powered OEMs to deliver fully compatible zero client endpoints in different form factors and configurations, providing you with competitive choices.

Our lead OEM partner, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, has launched their Pano-powered Fujitsu Zero Clients DZ22-2 & DZ19-2 that fully integrate the capabilities of a Pano zero client into a 19 and 22-inch LCD monitors.  Fujitsu has also released their Portable Fujitsu Zero Client MZ900 that uses Pano Remote technology.