Pano Remote

Pano Remote in Laptop

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Pano Virtual Desktops

Pano Remote allows Pano Zero Client users to reach their Pano desktop virtual machine from a remote location over a wide-area-network like the Internet. Pano Remote lets users temporarily access their Pano virtual desktops when they are away from the office, whether working in the evening or when traveling.

Pano Remote can also help you inexpensively extend your Pano virtual desktop deployment to larger populations of transient users, such as guest users, users needing limited and intermittent access to a virtual desktop, or mobile temporary workers, without requiring you to provide them with a Pano device to take with them. Anywhere and anytime they can find a Windows PC with a network connection, they can use their Pano virtual desktop.

Pano Remote is delivered already installed on a secure USB key and can be used with any laptop or desktop computer running Microsoft Windows XP, 7 or Vista.